The Cats Corner

Weekly Lessons - The Cats Corner is Swing Cville's weekly lesson and social dance. Featuring beginner and intermediate lessons, this event is open to all and is a the next step after attending our Lindy Hop Crash Course! Social dancing afterwards is a great opportunity to practice what you learned in lessons and get to know other local dancers!

Every Wednesday Next Cats' Corner:

April 29

6:45 - 7:00 PM - Doors Open / Warmup
7:00 - 7:45 PM - Monthly Series 1
7:45 - 8:30 PM - Monthly Series 2
8:30 - 9:00 PM - Drop-in Swing 101 Lesson
9:00 - 9:15 PM - Instructor Q&A session
9:00 - 11:00 PM - Social Dancing
(mix of swing and blues music)
Greek Orthodox Church
100 Perry Dr
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Swing 101 Lesson: $5/week
Monthly Series: $30/month
Dance: $5, but is included free with a lesson
Monthly series students get into the monthly Crash Course for free, and get $5 off of the Cville Savoy!

We will be having live music every first Wednesday of the month! We will announce the bands a few weeks before, so watch for announcements on Facebook and during Cats Corner.
In months with five weeks, we use the last week for our swing clinic. Rotate between instructors and get one-on-one feedback on your dancing! The clinic will run from 7:00-8:30pm. Be prepared to take notes! For more information see the Swing Clinic page.
Lindy Hop III
  • 4/1: Alternate Footworks
  • 4/8: Ba-Dum Ching!
  • 4/15: Fun with 8 Count Patterns
  • 4/22: Advanced Lead/Follow Techniques

Lesson Series 1 (7:00-7:45pm)

Continue with Lindy Hop, learning advanced moves and techniques.

Price: $30 due Apr. 1

Requirements: Lindy Hop I, Lindy Hop II, and Audition.

Balboa I
  • 4/1: Getting Started with Balboa - The basics for beginners
  • 4/8: Progressives and Come-arounds
  • 4/15: Lollies!
  • 4/22: Toss-outs!

Lesson Series 2 (7:45-8:30pm)

Balboa is an upright dance that can be danced on crowded floors and is appropriate for faster songs.

Price: $30 due Apr. 1

Requirements: none (Balboa crash course is a plus!)

Swing 101
  • 4/1: Basic Beginner Swing
  • 4/8: Open Position: Inside Turns and Passbys
  • 4/15: Tuck turns and hi-jacks!
  • 4/22: Boogie with the Basics

Drop-in Swing 101 Lesson (8:30-9:00pm)

Our short, drop-in, beginner swing lesson will teach you the basics of 6-count swing (a.k.a. East Coast Swing). No experience is necessary, and we make it easy enough for anybody to pick up and get out on the dance floor! It is recommended that you attend the Beginner Crash Course on the fourth Thursday of the month before doing any of the subsequent lessons, but not required.

Price: $5/week

Requirements: None!

Lesson Archives

Each week we post a lesson recap on the Lesson Archive page. You can use this to refresh your memory and practice before the next class, or see what we have taught in previous months.

2015 Lesson Schedule

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Series 1 Series 2 Drop-In Lesson
January Charleston II East Coast Swing I Swing 101
February East Coast Swing II Lindy Hop I Swing 101
March Lindy Hop II Blues I Blues 101
April Lindy Hop III (Audition required) Balboa I Swing 101
May Balboa II Jazz: Doin the Jive / Shim Sham Swing 101
June Jazz: The Big Apple Charleston I Swing 101
July Charleston II East Coast Swing I Swing 101
August East Coast Swing II Lindy Hop I Swing 101
September Lindy Hop II Grab Bag! Swing 101
October Lindy Hop III (Audition required) Balboa I Swing 101
November Balboa II Blues I Swing 101
December Blues II Charleston I Swing 101


Attendance Policy: We don't admit students after the first 10 minutes of class. Also, in order to keep our lessons moving we require that you take the first week of a series in order to come to later weeks, unless you get permission from the instructor. Our beginner lesson is the exception - you can drop in any week!

Payment: Series 1 and 2 are run on a monthly basis and cost $30 at the beginning of the month. Beginner Lessons are always drop-in and cost $5 per week. We accept cash, check, or credit cards.

Aerial Policy: Lifts, drops, and aerials are not permitted at SwingCville unless it is part of a performance or jam with a partner that you have practiced those moves with. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in being banned.